Secure Locking Backs For Enamel Pins

by Asking For Trouble

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These secure locking backs will keep your pins safe when you wear them outdoors.

  • Locking backs that can't be pulled off the pin
  • Wear your enamel pins outdoor without worry
  • Pack of 3 or 10
  • Reused plastic packaging
  • Free UK shipping

If you love collecting enamel pins, it can be hard to risk wearing your favourites outside in case they get lost. These secure locking backs will protect your pin from falling off if worn on a coat or bag. It can't be pulled off the pin - you need to squeeze it for removal. 

While still not 100% guaranteed not to fail, this gives you the best chance to enjoy wearing your pins without the worry. 

Buy a pack of 3 or 10 to use with any enamel pins from your collection. You can also order a single locking back with any of my wooden or enamel pins.

And if you wear any of my pins out and about, please tag @marcelinesmith in your Instagram photos so I can see!

Pin backs are 10mm wide and 7mm high. Made from nickel-plated copper, which is durable and won't rust. There is a larger gap than with a rubber clutch so is most suited to thicker fabrics.

Packaged inside reused plastic packaging from the enamel pin manufacturers so that I do not have to throw it out.