Recycling & Environment

Asking For Trouble cares about the environment - here's all the information about my packaging and shipping, and what can be recycled and re-used.

recycling guide

In 2018 I started changing to more eco-friendly packaging and shipping materials, and in less than a year, I removed all single-use plastic from customer orders. Most of my packaging is now recyclable, or re-used, and I've created a list below for you to refer to.

There is no perfect solution and I'm only a tiny business compared to Amazon but I'm always trying to improve and appreciate all feedback and suggestions.


  • All my wooden pins/brooches are made in the UK from ethically sourced, FSC certified wood.
  • All my laser cutting is done in the UK with small businesses and I have started to use recycled acrylic where available.
  • Paper-based products are made in the UK or EU and use recycled paper whenever possible.
  • All product listings now include this information


  • All orders are shipped in cardboard boxes or envelopes using paper tape so you can recycle the whole thing as paper if you can't re-use them.
  • I only ship with Royal Mail to support workers' rights and reduce courier travel in my rural area.
  • I re-use bubble wrap, plastic grip seal bags, tissue paper and boxes received in deliveries for customer and wholesale orders. Please re-use them again if possible.
  • Shipping labels are printed using thermal ink 
  • I walk to the delivery office to drop off orders


  • None of my products are packaged in plastic (with the exception of some  items that are already packaged).
  • When possible, no packaging is used and gift wrap, cards etc. are sent 'naked'
  • Where packaging is required, I use paper bags, paper envelopes, translucent glassine bags and backing cards, all of which can be recycled as paper.
  • Occasionally I re-use non-recyclable packaging I have received. Please try to re-use it again.
  • Promotional flyers etc. are printed in the UK on recycled paper.


  • Please check locally for recycling guidelines as they can differ across the UK and internationally.
  • Mail boxes, envelopes, tape, paper bags, translucent bags, backing cards, flyers can be recycled as paper. Please try to re-use the boxes and bags instead of recycling.
  • Clear plastic bags and bubble wrap and tissue paper have already been re-used but please try to use them again before discarding.


  • Dispatch notes are currently included in all orders, for your information and to help me pack the correct items (and are required by Not on the High Street). I hope to find a way to remove or reduce the size of these.
  • Wholesale orders still often require plastic packaging to prevent damage from display and handling. I am working with my stockists to find solutions.
  • I hope to change as many products and promotional items to use recycled materials