Digital PDF Zines

Zines and comics that you can be reading in minutes! These are either full colour files to read on your phone, tablet or computer, a printable PDF that you can print yourself, or both.

Paid zines are available for instant download from my Payhip store or Etsy shop while I have some free/pay-what-you-can downloads at my Ko-Fi Shop.

japanuary zine

Photos and memories inspired by the Japanuary photo challenge.
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2019 favourites zine

My 2019 Favourites
My favourites of 2019 with books, games, TV, films, holidays and lots more.
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day in the life zine

Day in the Life
Find out what I really get up to as I describe my days in words, photos and doodles.
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My Japan Favourites

My Japan Favourites
Lists, drawings and photos with old and new favourites from visiting Japan.
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100 Days of Kawaii Characters

100 Days of Kawaii Characters
A collection of all the illustrations from my 100 Day Project.
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Let's Make Zines! A Zine About Zinemaking

Let's Make Zines!
Learn how to make mini magazines, with this mini zine about zinemaking.
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The Other Side of the Table - Horror Stories and Advice from Craft Fair Veterans

The Other Side of the Table
Horror Stories and Advice from Craft Fair Veterans
(co-written with Claire Brown)
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Kawaii Japan - Three Trips to Japan Through the Eyes of a Kawaii Fan

Kawaii Japan
Writing, photography and illustration from three trips to Japan.
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Oddments Omnibus - 5 Zine Set

Oddments Omnibus - 5 Zine Set
Set of 3 personal zines about gaming, books, food, Japan & more + 2 free illustrated zines.
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