SECONDS - Kawaii Notepads

by Asking For Trouble

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NO RETURNS - please read before ordering

Some of my notepads aren't quite perfect so you can pick one up at a bargain price!

  • Printed in the EU on 100% recycled paper
  • Discounted flawed items that are still useful
  • Original kawaii characters and design
  • No plastic packaging
  • Free UK shipping

These notepads are printed perfectly but have production flaws - either the printing is uneven, the pages are not lying flat, the glue is coming apart at the top or the backing card is missing. They're fine for normal use but might not last as well as my full price notepads.

Notepads are approximately 10.5cm x 14cm (6" x 4") in size with around 50 sheets. These do not include a magnetic strip.

For more information, see the individual listings in the Notepads section.

These notepads are sold as seconds and cannot be returned or refunded.