Let's Make Zines! A Zine About Zinemaking

by Marceline Smith

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  • Personal guide to zinemaking and self-publishing
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In August 2010 I co-hosted a Zine Workshop with fellow zinemaker Jen Collins at Welcome Home in Glasgow. I did a little talk about zines and we all made some mini-zines together afterwards.

I made this little zine as a free handout for attendees and it's now been expanded to include even more information on selling and pricing, plus a peek into my own zine history.

- A Little Bit of History
- Methods of Zinemaking
- What Do I Write About?
- Recommended Reading
- My Life in Zines
- Printing Your Zine
- Sell Your Zines
- Pricing
- Resources

Personal use only - do not resell, distribute or share these files or their content without my permission.

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