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Asking For Trouble

Evil Little Ghost Acrylic Brooch - Limited Edition!

Evil Little Ghost Acrylic Brooch - Limited Edition!

A spooky cute ghost made from black acrylic for extra evilness

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  • Made in the UK from high quality acrylic
  • Choose a pin or brooch fastening
  • Approximately 2.5cm square
  • Limited to 48 pieces
  • Original kawaii Ghost character
  • No plastic packaging

Uh oh! If you thought my Little Ghost was mischievous, wait until you meet his evil twin. He's full of evil plans and even faces in the opposite direction.

These little ghosts have been laser cut from frosted midnight black acrylic that sucks in all the light of the world (okay, not really). He may have a happy face but that's just to get you to drop your guard.

A brooch back or pin is attached securely on the back so he can come everywhere with you, on your coat or bag. Don't blame me if something terrible happens while you're out.

Thankfully limited to 48 pieces with a blood soaked backing card. Delightful.

Choose your fastening: Choose from either a standard brooch back or a pin back (similar to enamel pins). Pin backs can include either a rubber clutch or a metal secure locking back (for wearing outdoors). Check the photos to see all options.

Disclaimer: It's possible I'm completely wrong and the original Ghost is actually the evil one, Bender & Flexo style. I take no responsibility if your evil ghost turns out to be the good guy - or if it's so evil it watches you while you sleep.


Packaged on a backing card inside a translucent glassine bag, which can all be recycled as paper.

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