Surprise Mail Swap

Want some surprise mail? Join my fun mail swap!

happy mail

Just send a postcard, card or anything you like (within reason!) to the PO Box address below and I promise I will send you something in return, even internationally. I have postcards and stickers that aren't in my shop so you'll likely get something special and with a personal message and doodle.

Don't forget to include your address and I'd love it if you tell me something about yourself so I can personalise your return mail. What do you like to do? Where do you live? How did you find my work? Which characters are your favourites?

Things to note:

  • My birthday is March 25th :)
  • International mail swaps welcome.
  • Please be patient - it may take some time for me to reply.
  • Please don't send anything expensive, perishable, dangerous or creepy.
  • Use a standard mail service. PO Box is run by Royal Mail so courier deliveries will not be accepted. 

Unfortunately, I had to close my PO Box. If you wish to swap mail, please email me. I'm probably only going to give my address to you if we already know each other IRL or through social media though.