Printables & Craft Supplies Angel Policy

While I sell or share printables, digital zines, stamps, craft patterns and fabric, I still own the copyright and you do not have the right to use them for profit or commercial purposes without my written permission.

In general, all of my craft supplies and digital downloads are for personal use only. You can use them to make things for yourself, friends & family but you can't profit from them or use them for commercial purposes. That includes making products to sell, using them to create artwork or decorate products and packaging, and reselling or sharing files. If in doubt, ask me!

Some exceptions apply. Please check below for specific types of products.

Printables & Digital Zines
All printables and digital zines are for personal use only even if they are free to download. Please check the file for specific copyright information. Generally you cannot edit, share or resell the file, sell items you make using it or use it to create products or artwork. Using them in schools, clubs and workshops is usually okay as long as you do not remove the branding and copyright information or charge for the printable or entry. I would appreciate you asking me in advance. You can also make a donation via my Ko-Fi or I'm available to run workshops.

Polymer Stamps & Clear Stamps
All my stamps are for personal use only but you may use them on your business packaging or shipping materials as long as you do not claim credit or pass off the designs as your own. If you include a photo in your shop listing, or on social media, I would appreciate it if you credit and/or tag me. The Happy Face stamp is an exact replica of my own original kawaii face illustration, used on almost all my characters, so cannot be used to create your own characters to sell, or to add a face to a product. Please draw your own smiling face!

Cross Stitch & Embroidery Patterns
Please see printables & digital files above. If you wish to create finished items for charity or other non-profit organisation, this may be possible but please ask for permission in advance. 

Cross Stitch Aida
All aida can be used for commercial purposes. In future I may have my own designs printed on aida - a credit as the designer is appreciated but not legally required.

Print-on-Demand Fabric 
I sell my designs on fabric (and other products) via Spoonflower. You can use the fabric to create products for sale and sell finished items made from the cut and sew patterns (tea towel calendars, coin purses, mini pillows etc.). A credit as the designer is appreciated. Please do not claim the credit yourself or pass off the design as your own. Do tag me or email me as I'd love to see what you make and will likely share it with my followers.

Credit & Tagging
Crediting me as the designer/creator is the nice and fair thing to do and helps people find my work, which can mean sales and donations to keep me creating new things. You can use either Marceline Smith and/or Asking For Trouble. If tagging on social media, my accounts are at the bottom of this website and on the business card included with your order.

There is nothing to stop you reselling any physical product you have bought from me or my print-on-demand partners but you cannot repackage products or add your own branding. Other than fabric/aida (which are craft supplies), you may not sell them on sites like Etsy as you are not the creator. Wholesale prices are available for retailers placing bulk orders.