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If you like what I do, come and join my Trouble Club on Patreon!

Trouble Club on Patreon

What's Patreon?

Patreon is a site where you can support your favourite creative people. You pay to join and become part of an exclusive club with special content and rewards. Think of it like an ongoing Kickstarter where the project you're supporting is a person's creativity.

Why did you start the Trouble Club?

I'm tired of hustling for attention on social media and having barriers put up by corporations who want me to think of my followers as marketing potential and not friends. I'm frustrated that even when people choose to follow me on social media, they're not always shown my posts.

It's also depressing to spend time creating free wallpapers, printables and zines only to see them downloaded thousands of times by anonymous strangers. I'd much rather share my work with a small group of people I know and like.

Why should I join?

You'll become part of that small group that I get to know personally and help support my work. I update my Patreon at least twice a week with exclusive behind the scenes updates, first looks at new characters and products and more personal blog posts. You also get special rewards every month!

What kind of rewards?

At the moment, there are $1, $5 and $10 tiers. Depending on which tier you choose, you'll get some or all of the following:

  • unlimited 15% discount code for my shop
  • free wallpapers and printables
  • access to my paid zines and printables archives
  • membership card and badge
  • first chance at sales
  • limited edition products
  • Happy Mail packages in the post 

How does it work?

You can join up at any time to get access to my regular exclusive Patreon posts by pledging to one of the tiers. Payment is not taken until the 1st of the following month.

For example, if you join in January, I will preview the January rewards during that month. You can change your tier up until January 31st depending on which rewards you want to receive. On February 1st, Patreon will take payment and I will send out all the rewards. Then we do it all again!

I'm in! How do I join?

Check out the Trouble Club on Patreon to find out more and choose your tier. 

I want to join but I can't afford it :(

That's okay. You can still become a follower - look for the Follow button under my avatar. You won't get the rewards but you'll still get access to some of my posts and can see what rewards are coming up if you're able to join up eventually. You can also take part in my Surprise Mail Swap for free.