Fabric Care

Printed cross stitch aida needs special care so please read this guide to keep it looking its best, before and after stitching.


The use of detergents on printed aida is not recommended by the manufacturer of this aida. If you choose to ignore the advice in this page, Asking For Trouble takes no responsibility and cannot provide a refund or replacement.

Washing your aida

Aida does not need to be washed before use but if you must, a light wash without detergents is recommended. 

Here are the recommended steps from the manufacturer:

  • Place your fabric in a bowl of warm water - wash one piece at a time.
  • Allow the fabric to soak for as long as you need, gently patting the fabric occasionally.
  • Do not rub or scrub the fabric.
  • Do not wring the fabric to dry - instead, lay it out flat on a towel and roll it up to absorb excess water, squeezing gently.
  • Unroll and lay the fabric out flat to air dry.
  • Once dry, lay the fabric stitched side down on a clean towel and iron on reverse, using steam if required.

Washing aida with detergents

If it is absolutely necessary to use a detergent, do not use biological materials and ALWAYS sample test a small piece with NON-biological detergent before proceeding. Ensure fabric is rinsed well.

Using fabric pens

I do not recommend using soluble or heat-vanishing pens to grid this fabric but if you want to do this, please test that the ink will come out without issue before proceeding.

Ironing your finished piece

Do not iron directly on to the fabric. Place a clean tea towel over your design and any areas that will be visible after framing to avoid scorching.