Cross Stitch Aida FAQ

All the answers to your cross stitch-related questions. For general questions about Asking For Trouble, payment, shipping, returns etc. please see my main FAQ page.

What happened to Claire Brown XStitch?

Claire decided to close the business but she passed on all her suppliers, designs and knowledge to help me keep it going. We're long time friends and keep in touch regularly. If you miss Claire, you can follow her on Instagram.

What are the differences between Asking For Trouble and Claire Brown XStitch?

I use the same suppliers so it's exactly the same fabric and designs you're used to, including exclusives. The service is also very similar and I'm also based in the UK, shipping worldwide. The main difference is that I also sell a lot of other products that I design and create. I'm also not as entertaining as Claire, and I'm not very active on social media.

Which designs, sizes and counts will you be stocking?

Claire had over 100 designs, most of which were available in 3 sizes of 16ct and 18ct cross stitch aida and 28ct and 32ct evenweave fabric. While I do intend to bring back all popular designs and more sizes and counts, it will take some time. I didn't take over the financial side of the business so I'm starting from nothing. To begin with, I'm prioritising 14ct aida in one size and choosing a mix of best sellers and seasonal/holiday designs. If you want something else, please request it and I will do my best to stock it next time.

When is the next update?

I'm a tiny one person business and unfortunately money is extremely tight at the moment so it's hard to invest in new designs and restocks. If you want more fabric, please buy some of the current stock! I do not use flat rate shipping so it's just as affordable to place small orders, rather than wait until I have all the designs you want (which may not even happen!).

Will there be new designs?

Absolutely! I'm already a surface pattern designer with a huge range of designs available on fabric at Spoonflower, plus Claire and I have worked together on some limited edition aida in the past. I'd love to bring more of my own designs to the shop, as well as new general, seasonal and holiday themes. If there's something you'd like to see in future, you can use the request form for suggestions.

Will there be new cross stitch patterns with your characters?

Yes! Claire and I collaborated on a series of kawaii cross stitch patterns that you can buy as digital downloads in my Payhip store. I already have plans for some tiny cross stitch patterns and would love to design some embroidery patterns too.

Will prices be the same?

Unfortunately, costs are rising sharply in the UK due to the cost of living crisis, supply chain issues, Brexit etc. and I have had to raise my prices in line with supplier cost increases. I try to keep prices as low as possible though.

I'm in the EU. Can I buy aida?

I can't take EU orders through this site but you can use the Asking For Trouble Etsy shop to pay all the relevant taxes. If a design you want has not been listed there yet, you're welcome to email me or message me through Etsy.

Will you still do mystery packages and sample sales?

I'm sure these will happen again at some point but only if things sell so I have the money to order more.

How much is shipping? Will you have a free international shipping offer?

I have a page for shipping prices. The size of aida I will be selling to begin with weighs around 30g. Tracking is available at checkout but Standard Airmail is very reliable so shipping should be cheaper all round. So I will not have a free shipping offer as standard but may do it occasionally for my mailing list subscribers.

How do I find out about the launch and future updates?

Sign up to my mailing list to get all the news and exclusive offers. You can also follow @marcelinesmith on Instagram.