Asking For Trouble Record Label

Asking For Trouble started as a record label but I only managed to release one record, a double 7" vinyl box set.

Asking For Trouble 7' box set

I never had any intention of starting a record label as I've always had plenty other ways to throw my money away but there comes a point when you find some bands and you can't believe no-one else is releasing their music and that's where it all starts. So blame A Roman Scandal. They sent me some of their new MP3s and they were so good my brain started making plans.

Asking For Trouble box set

A year or so later and I had my first release in my hands - 2 7" vinyl records featuring 2 UK and 2 US electronic bands, packaged in a box, complete with inserts, zine and mystery found object.

Asking For Trouble vinyl box set

Of course, it was a labour of love, and I didn't I make anywhere near most of my money back. But it was fun and I'm glad I did it.

These days I make lots of other things, like stationery and accessories and zines and I doubt I'll ever make another record. 

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All 325 copies are now sold, but you can still find some on Discogs.

Asking For Things

Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element supplied a box of found objects for the record and one was placed randomly in each box set. I also put special found objects of my own in the band copies. We asked people to email us back describing what they got in their box along with a photo or drawing if possible. I've posted these on the Asking For Things page and would love to receive more!