UK Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables Charts

by Asking For Trouble

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Keep these cute charts on the fridge and eat with the seasons!

  • Set of 2 charts for UK fruits & vegetables
  • Printed in the UK as cards or magnets
  • Helps you shop and eat seasonally and locally
  • Original kawaii characters
  • No plastic packaging
  • Free UK shipping

To help you see what's in season, I've made these handy charts, illustrated with kawaii fruits and vegetables. Stick them on your fridge and you'll be able to plan ahead when you're looking up recipes or doing the weekly shop.

Eating seasonally is great for many reasons - you can buy locally grown produce instead of having it flown in from the other side of the globe and it's often fresher, cheaper and more nutritious. 

The vegetables chart shows all UK grown produce in season each month, while the fruits chart shows both UK grown produce (in capitals) as well as imported produce (in lower case) since many fruits can't be grown here.

Postcards are printed on a thick silk card with a glossy finish. Magnets are printed on a thin magnetic card with a glossy coating.

Postcards & magnets are A5 (approximately 21cm x 15cm or 8" x 6")

Packaged together in a reusable paper envelope for gifting. 

Please note:
These charts are for UK produce only. They may not be accurate for other countries and regions.

Need more cards?
Bulk discounts are also available for larger quantities.

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