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SECONDS - UK Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables Magnets

SECONDS - UK Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables Magnets

Flawed versions of my cute seasonal food fridge magnets at a bargain price

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NO RETURNS - please read fully before ordering

  • For United Kingdom
  • Set of 2 magnets with fruits & vegetables
  • A5 (21cm x 15cm)
  • Discounted misprints that are still useable
  • Printed in the UK
  • Original kawaii characters
  • No plastic packaging

This batch of fridge magnets have printing issues that affect the illustrations but not the text. They're still perfectly usable for seasonal eating, as long as you don't mind some missing ink and/or black marks on the characters and backgrounds. As a further positive, they're also printed on a slightly heavier magnet, which I have not been able to source for a while.

The photos show some of the worst affected magnets but many have barely noticeable flaws. I will send out the best ones first and possibly reduce the price later once they're all gone.

For more information, see the main product listing.

These magnets are sold as seconds and cannot be returned or refunded.


Packaged together in a paper bag

Print Quality

While I check every product, some minor flaws and small differences are to be expected. This could include the dimensions or number of pages, colour shifts, natural flaws in paper/fabric and/or tiny marks that do not affect important parts of the design (e.g. text/face).

FAQs & Help

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