Recent Favourites - November 2022

A new batch of favourites with a wish list of things I want plus some interesting links from around the web and what I'm up to.

wish list

Wish List

  • This new Rilakkuma Nendoroid is just perfect in every way with lots of faces and poses, plus Kiiroitori too.
  • I adore everything by naga-no-glass but especially the ghost glasses! (also on Instagram)
  • I very much need this Sanrio Halloween t-shirt from the ARTBOX Cafe and hope it's available online eventually.
  • I'd love to do some more bargello stitching soon and this star garland kit at Cloud Craft is very pretty.

Links I Loved

  • I didn't realise how much I had missed reading a good tour diary - especially a disaster-filled one! - until my good friend Conrad Keely posted one from the recent Trail of Dead European tour.
  • I Have Decided That Being Bad at Breath of the Wild Means I Am Good at Life is such a good take on why this game is so addictive.
  • Related: The guy who is drawing badly every day until the BOTW sequel is released celebrated day 700 (!) with a 7 minute animated courtroom drama that will make any fan of Better Call Saul or Ace Attorney laugh a lot. 
  • The new Ghibli Park is such a cool concept of what a theme park can be and the visitor guide is very charming.
  • I'm enjoying Cross Stitch World on tumblr for many cool patterns to add to my future crafting plans.
  • Greenwood Girl Cards made a super cute Christmas gift tag using my gingerbread stamp! There's a video too.
  • NASA's Solar System Ambassadors program has the best logo and it's really unfair that it's for something very few people can join. I want it as a patch or a t-shirt.
  • I'm so sad Dracula Daily is over but I'm doing Letters from Watson (Sherlock Holmes) and Whale Weekly (Moby Dick) next.
  • Speaking of Substack, I started liking my very favourite posts so they'll appear on my profile page for you to read.


  • Playing: Breath of the Wild, Picross, Ring Fit Adventure.
  • Reading: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! by Bob Stanley.
  • Watching: Andor, The Clone Wars, Industry, The Repair Shop.
  • Making: Mushroom Family cross stitch - see my progress
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