Cut & Sew Kawaii Mini Pillows - Printed Fabric

by Asking For Trouble

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Sew up your own cute mini pillows with pre-printed fabric.

These printed fabric patterns will help you make your own toys, beanbags or mini pillows. Each piece of fabric features one of my kawaii characters ready for you to sew up and stuff! They're available on-demand from Spoonflower, designed to fit on a swatch, the most affordable size available.

You'll just need another piece of fabric for the back (co-ordinating fabric is available) plus scissors, stuffing (or beans, lavender etc.) and a sewing machine.

Sewing instructions are included on the fabric. Suitable for beginners but more experienced sewists could also sew closer to the character for a shaped toy. 

So far you can choose from 15 cute characters - Planet, Sun, Earth, Ghost, Bunny, Panda, Gingerbread Man, Gingerbread Girl, Bitten Gingerbread Man, Ice Cream, Ice Lolly, Cupcake, Jammie Dodger, Bread Slice and Sakura Cherry Blossom. 

Fabric is 8" (20cm) square. Finished pillows will be around 6" (15cm) in diameter.

How to order:
You can buy the fabric direct from Spoonflower who ship from the USA & Germany. Choose from a variety of base fabrics including cotton, linen and minky plush. I also sell matching co-ordinate patterns that you can use for the reverse fabric.

You can make toys and pillows with this fabric for personal and commercial purposes, though please credit me as the designer if selling for profit. Copyright remains with me - you cannot use the characters and designs for any other purpose.