Cookie Cute Ornament Sewing Pattern

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Sew up your own cute cookie with my ornament pattern.

This printed fabric design will help you make your own Christmas cookie ornament. It features a cute gingerbread man who's happy on one side, but has a bite taken out of the other. Hang him on the tree or add stuffing and lavender for a sweet decoration. I designed this for a Spoonflower contest (it came fourth!). 

Sewing instructions are included on the fabric. You'll also need: scissors, stuffing, ribbon or string for hanging and a sewing machine (or needle and thread for hand-sewing). Experienced sewists can make one double-sided stuffed gingerbread man but beginners may wish to sew each piece on to felt or padded fabric to make two ornaments. 

I have a few pieces available or you can buy direct from Spoonflower in the US on a variety of base fabrics.

8" square piece of quilting weight cotton fabric. Finished ornaments will be around 6" (15cm) high.

You can make ornaments with this fabric for personal and commercial purposes, though I would really appreciate a credit as the fabric designer. I would also love it if you send me a photo of items you have made with the fabric.

(stuffed ornament photo by Spoonflower)