Feedback Prize Draw

All buyers leaving written feedback will be entered into a monthly draw for a £5 gift voucher to spend in my shop.

Just leave your comments on the relevant product page and you'll automatically be entered.

Detailed feedback on specific products are more likely to be used than general feedback (eg. "the Tokyo Shopping Guide was really helpful on my trip to Japan" is more useful than "everything was great!". Constructive criticism is also welcome, but if you have any major issues, I would love the opportunity to make things right before you leave negative feedback.

The small print:
- All buyer feedback is eligible as long as it contains written feedback that is in some way useful to others. ie. a complete sentence.

- Feedback through the product pages can be from people who have won or been gifted products as well as past buyers from any site.

- One winner will be picked at random each month from all feedback left in the preceding month. Feedback that is used on the site will be rolled over to the next month for a second chance at winning.

- £5 gift voucher cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or vouchers and must be used within 3 months. Does not include shipping.

- I reserve the right to postpone the draw during any month because of holidays, illness etc. If that happens, I will still pick a winner from each month, just delaying notification. The prize draw may be cancelled at any time without notice.