Angel Bunny Gets Lost Mini-Comic

by Marceline Smith

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When Angel Bunny gets lost, he goes on an epic journey. Will he find his best friend again?

Regular readers of my blog will be familiar with Angel Bunny, a little grey rabbit that accompanied me on my travels, being photographed all over the world. Sadly, he flew off one day in Boat of Garten and has never been heard of since*.

At a zine workshop with the Glasgow University Graphic Novel and Comics Society, I created a mini comic about what might have happened. It turned out quite cute so I've scanned it in, redrawn and coloured it and now you can download it for free!

It's quite a tearjerker so have some tissues ready! 

*Luckily for me, his twin brother came to stay not long after.

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8 pages in full colour. The PDF is set up for viewing on screen in a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview, as well as on e-book readers. It cannot be printed.

Personal use only - do not resell, distribute or share these files or their content without my permission.

Download for free!