Kawaii Paper Craft Art Sale

by Asking For Trouble

  • Sale
  • £6.00

Unique layered paper craft art pieces for your home!

  • Unique signed art piece ready for framing
  • Cut by machine and hand-assembled
  • Original kawaii characters
  • Free UK shipping

I bought a paper cutting machine in 2014 and have been having a lot of fun experimenting with my characters and creating free paper craft tutorials. I ended up with a box full of cut pieces and have assembled these for a special art sale.

Each character is made of 1-8 layers of coloured card that have been glued together for a 3D effect. It has then been mounted on coloured card and signed on the back.

While most pieces have been cut by a machine, there are small differences in the cutting, and they have been assembled by hand, making each one unique. 

Characters labeled Large are approximately 210mm (8") square. The rest are approximately 150mm (6") square.

A frame is not included but the pieces will fit square frames from stores such as IKEA. For a professional look, I recommend ordering a custom mount for your frame (I can personally recommend Picture Lizard).

Please note:
While the layers are attached together securely, they are not glued down from edge to edge, in order to create a floating effect. I would not recommend displaying them out of the protective bag until framed.