Holo Ghost Kawaii Keyring - Limited Edition!

by Asking For Trouble

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Limited edition colour-changing Ghosts for a keyring or statement necklace.

  • Made in the UK from high quality holographic acrylic
  • Remove the split ring to wear as a necklace
  • Limited to 18 pieces!
  • Original kawaii ghost character
  • No plastic packaging
  • Free UK shipping

A very limited edition Ghost made from holographic acrylic. It looks transparent with a blue tint but once it catches the light it changes from blue to pink and back again. It will also take on different shades from its surroundings. 

Includes a split ring for a keyring, but you can also use as a bag charm, or even remove the split ring and add a chain for a cool statement necklace.

This is a very limited edition of 18 pieces, which may or may not return in future.

Ghosts are approximately 50mm (2") square. Split rings are 25mm in diameter.

Keyrings are packaged on a backing card inside a translucent glassine bag, which can all be recycled as paper.