SECONDS - Kawaii Enamel Pins

by Asking For Trouble

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NO RETURNS - please read before ordering

Sometimes my enamel pins have flaws and you can grab one at a bargain price!

To help you decide, I've split them into two tiers:

Minor Flaws: light smudges or scratches that are only visible up close and don't show in photographs. Almost as good as new for half the price!

Noticeable Flaws: darker smudges, spots of missing enamel and/or scratches that are fairly obvious but still fun to have for your collection at a super cheap price.

Currently available are some Mt Fuji pins

These pins are hard enamel which is polished flat with a shiny finish. It's made from nickel with red, grey and white enamel. The pin has a rubber clutch on the back to keep it firmly attached to you or just remove it to pin on to a corkboard or other display area (see my frame).

Each pin is approximately 25mm (1") square and comes unpackaged.

These pins are sold as seconds and cannot be returned or refunded.