SECONDS - Mt Fuji Enamel Pin

by Asking For Trouble

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NO RETURNS - please read before ordering

Sometimes my enamel pins have flaws and you can grab one at a bargain price!

This is an odd one. The first company I used for enamel pins gave me bad advice and a very inaccurate proof leading to pins that looked nothing like what I expected. I had new ones made (which are long sold out) but disliked the old ones so much they've been sitting in a cupboard for 2 years.

A few people have expressed interest, so I'm making them available at a big discount. 

These pins are hard enamel which is polished flat with a shiny finish. They're made from silver nickel with red, grey and white coloured enamel. Each pin has a rubber clutch on the back to keep it firmly attached, or add a secure locking back (see below).

See the original product page for full information.

Each pin is approximately 25mm (1") square and comes unpackaged.

Add a secure locking back?
These metal backs grip the pin more securely than rubber or butterfly clutches. Great if you're planning to add the pin to your bag or coat. It can't be pulled off the pin - you need to squeeze it for removal. Choose this option from the dropdown - rubber clutch will also be included.

These pins are sold as seconds and cannot be returned or refunded unless damaged in transit.