Asking For Things

Thing #2 - Fugazi sticker

My thing is a Fugazi sticker, which humorously declares "This is not a Fugazi sticker". It doesn't create a good sound when my box is shaken (unlike Marceline's coin), but I do like it. In fact, I'm tempted to stick it on something. But if I do that, I'll have partially destroyed my item, and therefore my box. So I'm not going to stick it on something. Simon Minter, Oxford

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Thing #1 - Japanese Coin

Woo, I get to do the first thing. I'd like to say I picked my thing at random but of course I really went through the entire box of things sent by Simon P and went 'OOOOH, I WANT THAT' constantly. I did want a fair few things though but finally decided on this coin, in the hope that it is a 10 million yen coin, hoho. I'm not certain it's Japanese, it looks more Chinese really but lots of Simon's things are from Japan so I assume it is Japanese. It's very big, bigger than a 50p piece, a...

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Here are some of the found objects that people got in their Asking For Trouble boxes, kindly written, photographed and drawn by the finders. Please tell us what you got! Email with your name and location, a description of what you think you have and a photo, scan or drawing of it. We'd really appreciate it!

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