Thing #21 - Cheeger

Opening my AFT box was a bit like opening a Kinder Egg, except the gifts were much better. I got a little plastic animal that has the looks of a cheetah but the stripes of a tiger. i'm calling it a cheeger. Alongside the cheeger there is a fold out plastic sheet that looks like it was made by someone on a bad acid trip. I can't decide if it's meant to be an undersea scene or a jungle scene. Maybe it's neither. I'm tempted to take the cheeger into school and let it stand on top of my white board, but i'm afraid someone might nick it like they nicked my Disco Barbie, and then my box would be devalued as a Pop Artefact, so it's back in the box it goes. And it's a bugger getting that paper band on again, you know...

The Duke Of Harringay. Exeter

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