Thing #16 - Polaroid

I got a polaroid that looks like it's been tampered with during development. It spurred some wild speculation at work as to what it could actually be a photo of; my boss Kyle suggested a row of 4 people, perhaps a band, which i guess makes sense, but personally I think all trace of the original image has been removed. I like to think this was perhaps originally destined to be a photo of a small puppy licking at an ice-cream that had been dropped by a clumsy toddler moments before. It is a hot day, the sun is glaring in the background, and the ice-cream has already begun to melt on the concrete. With an unsurprising disregard for hygiene or manners, the puppy is more than happy to sample what he can of the discarded frozen treat. Where is his owner? Did the child who dropped the ice-cream shriek and wail until he received a replacement? Why was someone taking a photo of this? We may never know.

Ollie Simpson, Indianapolis, IN

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