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I appear to have received not one but two found items! The first seems to be an instruction sheet for some kind of whistle instrument. The second is rather unrelated. It is a bright red tag, with no indication of what it may be for. Using google translate I managed to decipher that it is an industrial waste request thing. Thank you very much for the records and the rather strange found items.


Mine’s a street map of Osaka.

Jimmy Possession, Robots and Electronic Brains

We got a £20 note. (Actually we got a little bag of science lab temperature reading labels, but we were still quite excited)

Nightshift, Oxford

I also got a beer mat. It sounds great at 33 1/3 RPM.

Martin, Glasgow

The instructions are very useful. "DO NOT SWALLOW". After chewing it for a couple of hours now I can see why not. They also warn "Do not expect results", but let's face it. Who does? The picture on the back however, suggests that after 72 hours it should be 600% bigger and angry, but not in a good way.

Martin, Glasgow